Gown Ordering Timeline

Here are some great tips on when gowns and accessories should be ordered for your wedding!

Wedding Gowns 8-10 Months Prior
*We recommend ordering your gown at a minimum of 8-10 months prior to the wedding. This allows up to 6 months for delivery and an additional 2-4 months for alterations and bridal portraits. Do not have the luxury of time?  Rush options are sometimes available, though a fee will apply.




Bridesmaid Dresses 6 Months Prior
*Bridesmaids orders should be placed 6 months prior to the wedding date. Make an appointment to look over options and select a style and color 7-8 months prior to the wedding date. This will give your attendants time to be measured and make their payments before the order is place with the designer. 



Mother and Grandmother Dresses 4-6 Months Prior
*Mothers and Grandmothers should aim to have their dresses ordered 4-6 months before the wedding to allow enough time for arrival of the gown and necessary alterations.  



Veils and Accessories 3 Months Prior
*Ideally, veils and accessories should be purchased when the gown is ordered so that all items arrive at the same time and the look is complete. However, you should allow for at least 3 months for delivery of veils, shoes, and headpieces. Delivery times can be sooner depending on availability of the item.



Need something sooner?
*These are guidelines for the ideal amount of time for delivery. There are always options for faster delivery, but often a rush fee will apply. To avoid rush fees, and to have the maximum amount of time, stick to these guidelines.


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